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People are losing it! Store mask policy causes man to expose himself.

Of course someone thought it was a good idea to pull their penis out in the middle of a department store – it’s 2020. At this point I’d be less surprised if the man unzipped his pants and his pet crow flew out and perched on his shoulder. But let’s take a look at what in the 2020 is going on here.

August 18th of the year 2020, and evidently the year of our under lord, a man by the name of Timothy Gaskin challenges a store’s mask policy with his…well, penis. He explains to the cashier that he does not have to wear a face covering due to his rights afforded to him by the “Freedom to Breathe Agency.” This agency does not exist. That doesn’t stop people from claiming nonexistent protections from it. This is not the first and probably not the last time this fictitious agency is used to avoid mandatory face covering policies. 

Ken Freak out

Of course in the age of social media his freak out was recorded and uploaded for the entire world to see. I half expect his mother to come out any moment and pull him by his ear out of the store, but to everyone’s dismay, she does not. It would’ve saved him an embarrassing public apology and probably his job. 

Speaking of his career, this guy, yes the same one in the video using appalling language and slurs against the LGBTQ+ community – used to host a show called OUT Spoken, which was a show that covered LGBTQ+ issues. The show aired on a public access channel in San Francisco according to CBS San Francisco

While I’m sure being asked to wear a mask is irritating to some people, I can’t quite understand how being angry would warrant the flashing of one’s nether regions. I am also not sure how a person suddenly becomes homophobic or racist any time their blood pressure is elevated due to frustration, but by all means express yourself. Consequences always follow actions, whether they’re good or bad. 

Thankfully it seems there were no children present for this tirade, and I’m sure this guy is likely learning a very valuable lesson. In the video he snarkily says that his antics would only be seen by five people. I guess he hasn’t been on the internet long enough to understand how viral videos work. I hope every one takes the time out of their day to learn from his behaviors.

Kindness goes a long way, and being unnecessarily vulgar and cruel to retail workers who don’t make the rules is just not a kind thing to do. In fact, there are probably retail workers who are upset about having to wear a mask all day at work, but they need to eat. 

This pandemic is showing the best of us, but it’s also showing the worst. I think we all need to take a breath, collect ourselves, and take a few extra moments to think before we speak, because videos like these are becoming much more frequent. We are all tired. We are all missing human connection. We are all struggling. Be kind. 


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