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An Honest Review of Thinx

First of all, let me just tell you how difficult it was to find a photo of women’s underwear that didn’t look like porn lite. Oh, and I’m also not a fan of the word panties. Even typing it makes me feel all weird and squirmy, and I have no idea why. Ok, let’s get back on track.

If you are a menstruating woman, I’m sure you have heard of the new underwear specifically made for your period. Now, to some that may sound pretty gross, but if you’re like me and hate pantyliners…these could be the key to living your life with a less sweaty lady region. Last month I took some disposable income and spent the money on Thinx to see if they were worth my time. I was really sold by the 60 day money back guarantee, because these undies are a little expensive for them to not work as described (if you get the period pack, they apply a discount).

My package arrived a few days after I ordered it, since I splurged for expedited shipping. I wanted to make sure those things were here in time for P day. What surprised me the most was how cute these underwear were. The thickness wasn’t what I thought, but did remind me a little of bathing suit material. The first day wearing them wasn’t any different than wearing any other pair of underwear. I only use them as a back-up, so you have to determine which use is best for you and what you need.

If you have a heavy cycle, these undies are only good for a back-up, or short wear. The pair for heavy flow days only holds two tampons worth of fluid. The website does not specify if these are regular tampons or super, so I assumed regular. Typically, I use a menstrual cup, which lasts up to 12 hours on regular and light days. On heavy days I can get 4 hours max out of the cup, so these Thinx were absolutely perfect for replacing pantyliners. I’ve used Thinx for two cycles now, and have not had any leaks or other unfortunate situations occur.

These underwear are made out of material that holds off bacteria, so there’s no funky smell. Thinx also does a fairly good job at wicking the moisture away from your body. On light days you can feel confident wearing Thinx as your only protection. These underwear are breathable, cute, and stay in place. I think these are great for when you know your cycle is coming, but you just aren’t completely sure what day, so you don’t mess up your cute undies.

The drawback. Now, y’all knew that there had to be a drawback. Every rave review comes with a critique. You have to rinse them by hand, which is eww for some people. The other thing I dislike is, you can’t use fabric softener on them AND you have to fish through the wet laundry so you can hang dry these bad boys. I’m not one of those ladies that hand wash their delicates, or washes them separate. I just don’t have time for that.

Would I recommend these? Absolutely! If you have a vagina with the slightest chance of it expelling your unutilized uterine lining every 26-31 days, then it’s definitely worth the investment. I’m actually going to buy more, because they came out with even cuter designs. No, I’m not being sponsored by Thinx, but wouldn’t that be cool. I’m simply a lady with a menstrual cycle, who knows other ladies with menstrual cycles that are curious, but too afraid to try the undies without an honest review. So, I took one for the team!




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