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But, Why are You Crying?

There I was on the couch minding my own business, watching TV and letting my toddler play. Within a few minutes of him playing quietly in his ball pit, he comes walking up to me. My normal greeting to my child is “hey sweet boy,” and this time was no different. What was different was that he tried to eat my toes. Yes, you read that correctly. He opened his little mouth and tried to put my toes inside. I, being the semi-sane person that I am, told him no and promptly moved my now slobbery pink digits. Who would’ve known that all baby heck would break loose?! He screamed at such a high pitch that for a brief second I contemplated giving him my foot just to shut him up.

I got to thinking though, what are some of the absolutely nonsensical things that other children have cried about. So, who do I ask? A Facebook group of moms of course! These ladies did not disappoint. Here are their best stories.

Rita: “My son cried for hours yesterday because his older brother’s outfit was better than his (brother was making his first communion).

Vilija: “He’s crying because I bought a new pair of pants and put them in the drawer with all of his other clothes.”

Tyler: “Because I wouldn’t let him wake everyone up in the house.”

Emily: “It was 5 AM and he was crying because it wasn’t time to go to the park yet.”

Ashlie: “Mine is currently crying because I won’t let him climb on top of the cat tower and sit in cat hair.”

Diana: “Because I won’t let him eat chalk”

Megan: “Because his sister sat next to him at breakfast.”

Melissa: “I’m trying to feed him lunch instead of just letting him starve.”

Danielle: “They’re currently crying because I wiped the syrup off of their shirt.”

Reta: “He’s currently crying because I won’t let him go naked to the store with his dad.”

Geneva: “My son cried yesterday because he got stuck in the closet. There are no doors, just a curtain.”

Sara: “Because I told him he wasn’t able to grow a tail like a cat.”

Kasey: “He threw his food on the floor and then realized the dog ate it.”

Amanda: “My 14 month old is crying because I won’t let him eat foam.”

Tiffany: “Because I shut the front door.”

Darcy: “I tied the drawstring on his shorts.”

Melissa: “Because I told him that mommy doesn’t have a pecker, and no he cannot play with it.”

Jess: “Because the dog ate all of his dog food and didn’t share, after my son shared his waffle with the dog.”

Courtney: “I wouldn’t let him eat rocks.”

Eileen: “I wouldn’t let him bite my boob in the shower last night. He threw the biggest fit.”

Monica: “My 3 year old is crying because he wants to go home…we are sitting in our living room.”

Cherry: “Because I put the carrot in his left hand instead of his right hand, so I switched it into the correct hand…he ended up throwing it on the floor anyways and the dog ate it.”

Vangie: “He said he didn’t want pizza for lunch and I said OK.”

Audrey: “I found 7, SEVEN outfits on the bedroom floor from yesterday!!! I asked her to please stop changing outfits all day like a supermodel. So she’s crying because I said she’s not a supermodel.

If you guys got a kick out of reading these stories, then go live with a toddler and you’ll have your very own to tell. I hope this gave you a laugh! Toddler will definitely keep you on your toes, but they’ll make you laugh while they’re doing it. Tell me what silly things your kids have cried over.

*some of these anecdotes have been shortened or edited for clarity.


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