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Consistency is Key

This week I am starting a new venture on my Facebook page. I will be completing weekly videos about a topic that I’ve been asked about several times. Each week will be a new topic and I am always open to new questions about parenting. This week’s topic is about whining and how to break the habit. Whining is such a hot topic for toddler and preschool mom’s because for some reason children have discovered that screeching at an almost inaudible tone, with words thrown in here and there for flavor was a great way to drive their parents up the wall. I’m sure if whining were used as a torture technique the bad guy would spill the goods within a few hours.

Children are learning to communicate effectively, and it is up to us parents to teach them the appropriate way to convey their wants and needs without causing severe ear drum damage. In this weeks video I share a quick little trick that helped me break the habit with all of my children when they were in their whinny stage. The key to this trick, and any behavior modification is to be consistent. It can be difficult to be consistent all the time, but it is a must to make sure you are helping them learn your family’s rules. I get it, mom’s are busy, busy creatures, and stopping doing the ten thousand things that you are currently doing to correct little Johnny’s behavior for the tenth time in ten minutes can make you feel a little crazy. I promise, the outcome is worth it!

Sometimes we have to take a break from shopping to supervise timeout in the middle of the grocery store. Sometimes we have to stand there and ignore their tantrum while in the library. Sometimes we have to pick them up and take them back to their mess five times before they pick up what they threw on the floor. The secret trick will always be consistency, no matter where that behavior occurs, they have to understand that the result will always be the same. It’s hard, and sometimes a little embarrassing, but the  end result is glorious.

After all of this hard work you put in during the toddler and preschool years, you’ll soon look back and be in awe of your determination and the great little people you have raised. The best compliment I have ever gotten was always from babysitters and teachers who tell me how well behaved and well mannered my kids were. So, when you are at the end of your rope from repeating the same thing for the millionth time, remember, it will all be worth it in the end. The mommy tribe salutes you on doing your best to raise well adjusted tiny people.

Stop Yelling at Me,



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