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Do the Thing That Scares You

Do it scared. In this life there are so many clubs that we join without want or desire. We are involuntarily thrown into this club based on tragedy or trauma.

In a time of uncertainty it can feel like the walls are closing in and everyone you know is being assigned their club’s all access pass.

I’ve watched as my mother joined two clubs that she didn’t sign up for in just two short years. I felt helpless. I hurt with each membership she received.

My high school classmate joined my mom in this club just as reluctantly as anyone else forced to participate.

Eight weeks ago I also found a lump. My mind raced faster than my heart could keep up. I was petrified to move my brain to do the next logical step.

Instead, I focused my anxiety on healthy things, like self diagnosing and mentally going over your life insurance policy.

I repeatedly rolled tape on my worst case scenario because it seemed less scary than going to the doctor and getting answers.

Eventually the tape I played in my mind no longer allowed me to control when it played. It played in its own at will until I finally took the steps to make it stop.

I did it scared. Just like I do so many things in my life, but this one was the biggest fear to date.

It felt like I would vomit when I called the doctor.

It feel like hot tears would involuntarily spring from my eyes as I waited for the breast exam.

It felt like I would pass out as the mammogram hummed and turned, squeezing tissue I didn’t know existed between two plates.

It felt like my heart was beating hard enough to be seen through my ribcage as they did the ultrasound.

None of those things happened. I didn’t vomit. I didn’t cry. I didn’t pass out. My heart was not visible without assistance from technology.

But what if I did cry?

What if I did vomit?

What if I did pass out?

It wouldn’t matter because I still would’ve done the hard thing that I was avoiding.

Being afraid is sometimes worse than the actual process we must go through to get answers.

Sometimes being afraid will keep us frozen in the unknown as things potentially progress.

Today I was spared entry into a club no one wants to join, but I put myself through eight weeks of mental torture for a process that collectively took an hour and a half.

Call on your circle and do the hard thing you’re putting off.

Make that appointment.

Answer that phone call.

Apply for that school.

Schedule that mammogram.

Do it scared if you must, but do it.



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