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Super Happy Pretty Nail Salon

I’m currently at the Super Happy Nail Beautiful Salon getting a much needed pedicure while my best friend gets a St. Paddy’s  Day mani. The woman has spent about 20 minutes scrubbing my feet with the little cheese grater thingy, she rubs my feet and keeps scrubbing. Either this woman is really anal or my feet are horrible. Obviously I’m sitting here thinking my feet are just awful and I should never wear sandals again. I’ll have to be that crazy lady that wears Jesus cruisers with her party socks and booty shorts.

     I’ve been sitting here so long, my water is lukewarm at best. The massaging chair has come to an end, which I have mixed feelings about. There’s a buttocks massager part of the chair that kept pushing a softball sized bump into my vag. I’m not sure if I should be offended or titilated.

     Did this lady just upgrade me?! Hot stone massage that I’m almost positive I didn’t ask for. Did I?! Was I drunk when I walked in the door? No, I’m sure you can’t get drunk from thinking about a huge bottle of wine. These hot stones are phenomenal and so is Rose. Rose, I love you. My aching muscles want to ask for your hand in marriage. Thank you for the upgrade Rose, thank you! Ahhhhhh *heaven*



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